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Airport Information

Airport Mission Statement:

The primary mission of Sycamore Strip Airport is to provide aerial access to the Fort Worth area for private aircraft. Another important mission is the continued support of recreational and instructional flying.

Airport Land:

Sycamore Strip Airport's approximate size is 15 acres, less than 2 acres are covered by hangars, and other buildings. Hence approximately 85% is open land.


Some of the wildlife found on airport land are numerous species of birds as well as fox, deer, and coyotes. If wildlife present a hazard to aircraft they are "scared off". Pilots should pay special attention when taking off and landing.

Public Perception/Noise:

Portions of the general public tend to regard airports as noisy, undesirable neighbors. Yet, at the time when airports were built, the only neighbors most airports had were trees and meadows not humans. Over the years though, developers chose to build closer and closer to airports. This has been true at Sycamore, where housing and other development has occurred in close proximity to the runway. Aircraft noise at Sycamore Strip Airport is reduced due to the noise abatement procedures put in effect by airport management.































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